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TheFROCK.comReading, PA USA 19601 

Not able to take photo requests, all available photos are on the site. 
We have no local showroom, garments are available only by mail.
Garments are not available to rent or borrow, purchase only.   

Please send other inquiries via this form.  
To be on our Mailing List, just message, we'll add you to the email.

LAYAWAYS: Include item number, as well as your country, and your PayPal email addres. We'll send you a PayPal layaway invoice (20% due on receipt of invoice, then 20% monthly, or let us know if you prefer another schedule). We also accept layaway payments by Zelle, or personal check, or bank transfer; get 10% discount when paying by these methods (5% during Sales).  

Complete purchase terms available on our Purchase/Policy page.

Message sent, thank you.

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